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  in 1977.

Custom Buttons™

Select from a variety of Custom Septal Buttons™ in addition to the original Rochester Standard™ Button.

Custom Made

Custom Made

Can’t find the right size and shape?
Provide your custom measurements and we’ll make a mold to get you the best fitting button possible.

Available Sizes


Custom Septal Buttons™ can be made to your specific measurements.  This process includes making a permanent mold, which means that reorders are less expensive and results in buttons that are the same size each time.  This process utilizes a proprietary method that keeps costs down…typical Custom Buttons are $400.00 USD for the first 2 buttons, then typically less than $200 for reorders.

Please consult with your physician for additional details.

 Rochester Nasal Septal Button Overview

Inserted as an office procedure

Frequently improves nasal respiration

Closes perforations up to 25mm

Can be manually trimmed to desired size

Otolaryngology professionals have turned to the original Rochester Nasal Septal Button™ since 1977 as a reasonable alternative to surgery.

 The Button consists of a central post and two flanged ends or leaves.

Please consult with your physician for additional details.


“A larger Custom Button™ was created that was 1) of great quality and value, 2) quickly manufactured, 3) rapidly delivered and 4) easily customizable by the physician in his office.  I am very satisfied and have recommended this process to others.  You have my permission to post this on your website”  -James Madon


Elliptical Post Nasal Septal Button Overview

Features an elliptical post 5mm X 18mm with two flange diameters,    30 mm and 40 mm, for improved performance. 

Exclusively distributed by Medical Innovations, the NEW Improved Elliptical Nasal Septal Button™ was invented by Dr. Gordon Wood and marketed by SilMed™.


The disadvantages of the common nasal septal button not being able to remain stable within the nasal septal perforation was the motivation for Dr. Wood to re-engineer the traditional nasal septal button. 

The Dr. Wood re-engineered nasal septal button, features two circular flanges connected by a central post. The central post is elliptical in shape. This elliptical shape provides restricted movement and thus less irritation bleeding and crusting.

The button is constructed using medical grade silicone and can be trimmed at the time of placement to provide the best possible fit to the nasal perforation.  Years of clinical experience have shown that the use of the NEW Improved Elliptical Septal Button has decreased symptoms of nasal perforations including epistaxis and crusting while improving nasal respiration and overall patient comfort.

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